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Have we got news for you

(Yes... yes we do!)

June: Applications for the position of “Leatherat Drum-Meister” come pouring in. Over a dozen different drummers from a 100 mile radius.

July: Auditions take place. 9 different drummers, all with one thing in common… they were all absolutely great.  :-)

August: Leatherat have some exciting news to share! …

Ladies and Gentlemen; please raise your glasses and offer a roaring Leatherat welcome Huzzah to our newest member, Mr. Lee Smith!

Mmmmmmoody! ;o)

Lee will make his debut appearance with Leatherat at the Mill in December. This will be a gig NOT to be missed people… we’ve already started working on brand new material with Lee and I can tell you, the sound and the songs are terrific.

Meanwhile, we have Hugh held captive in cage and we’ve promised him sips of water if he behaves himself. Hugh will see out the gigs for the rest of the season, starting with a his last local Leatherat gig at The Brasenose Arms over Cropredy Festival weekend. Make sure you’re there and lets give Hugh the big send-off he deserves. Further afield, Hugh will appear at Rhythm Festival & Weyfest so there’s still plenty of chances to witness his awesomeness before he moves on to his new project (we’ve heard rumours of a new group “Dogfighter” in the making :) )